Why don't I get daily Lingqs anymore?

This started coincidentally the same day that I upgraded the app. Now in the app, I get no daily notifications of Lingqs for review. And the SRS Due for Review tab in the vocabulary section is no longer updating either. I know Flash cards and daily words aren’t everyones thing, but they do work for me and I enjoy them. In fact, it’s one of my key reasons for paying for LingQ.

Attached image:

  1. SRS List, showing March 11th as the last day of words.

Please let me know!


Side note, settings show I am requesting 50 Lingqs per day, with email notification.

Hi Shawncfer,
Looks like you were unsubscribed from our email system. Not sure if you unsubscribed accidentally or something else happened, but I have just subscribed you back and you should be receiving Daily LingQs regularly again from now on.

Hey Zoran!
Thank you so much! However I use to receive them in the mornings, and so far I’ve received nothing this morning.
I went into settings and I still have it set up to receive 50Lingqs a day. Am I still missing something?

You should receive Daily LingQs today, within next 2-3 hours. Let us know if you don’t receive them again.

Unfortunately, still don’t have anything!

Hello Zoran! I know it’s been a while, but the daily Lingqs aren’t coming in anymore. Any ideas?

Hello! I checked your account and you were unsubscribed from our email system. I subscribed you back now so let me know if you start receiving emails regularly from now on,