Why doesn't the Iphone ap work though bluetooth?

It’s a pain having to plug into the phone jack in order to listen through the car speakers.

Good question - I don’t think we’ve actually ever had a request for this. I’ll inquire with our iOS developer and see what’s involved here!


I’m using the app (iOS7) in my car (2012 VW Golf) through Bluetooth with no problems at all. You may need to start the lesson or playlist first on your phone but then no problems. I have a playlist and it plays the playlist and I can select the next or previous chapter etc. I can also switch to the radio at it will automatically pause and resume when I switch back.

Does it work with a lesson? Which iPhone are you using ?

iPhone 4s. I’ve tried lessons and playlists. The lessons though are ones I’ve created myself but I wouldn’t think that would make a difference.

Is there a setting in the LingQ ap to turn on Bluetooth? My 4s will not talk through my car’s Bluetooth :frowning:

There isn’t any setting in the app. The Bluetooth pairing takes place through the Settings “app” on your phone by tapping on “Bluetooth” and ensuring it is turned on. You can then select your car from the list of devices (or it may go the other way around, where you start from your car).

The app works fine through Bluetooth, I, too, can use it in my car and on numerous other bluetooth devices. From the iPhone’s perspective there is no difference between the headphone jack and bluetooth. It will play on either as long as those devices will work with the iPhone. However, initially it did not work because the bluetooth connection in my car was only able to work with the phone functions on my iPhone. The bluetooth connection did not work with any audio on my iPhone. I suspect it is not just our app audio that won’t work through your bluetooth connection. It is the way your car’s system is designed. I had to find an aftermarket connector for my car to allow audio from my device to play through bluetooth. I just googled my car and play audio through bluetooth or something like that. You won’t be the first person to want to play audio on your car through bluetooth! They don’t make this stuff easy…!