Why does the streak move to the next day?

Please help me understand why my streak says day 1 after 40 some days? It’s Saturday a little after 9:00, and after studying, I went to see my streak and everything was credited to tomorrow!!!:flushed::cry: wwwhhhaaaaat???

If there is an admin reading this. Please explain this. I’m on eastern time zone. So I don’t know if the time is not set right in. Y account correctly or what?

If I didn’t see the potential, or feeling like I’m getting better. I would leave and cancel my subscription, because it’s disappointing to see how LingQ takes your numbers and move them to the following day. That’s very discouraging. And disappointing to have to start over, when you know you’re studying early enough. People have to work and live too. We can’t be on this app all day.

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