Why does LingQ go down so often?

I’m just curious why LingQ is the only site I use that regularly goes down unexpectedly. Ok - all sites go down occasionally, but it’s quite rare, maybe once or twice a year. LingQ seems to go down, sometimes with, sometimes without, warning, about once a month. What’s going on? Is there really no way to make the site stable? Or am I the only one who misses opportunities to study because of this? Who knows, I’m so used to support telling me that I’m the only one experiencing a particular problem, maybe I’m the only one who experiences these crashes. It would be nice to hear what others experience.

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Yeah! you are not alone with this issue.

I have just received this message:

503 Service Unavailable
No server is available to handle this request.

I’m afraid it happens quite often.

Wow. I was just commenting on this (went to another tab to check e-mail and do a few lingQ’s) and the system went down.

Of course it is frustrating (for everyone including those at LingQ). However, when it works, LingQ is fantastic. Also, i get the impression that Steve is very passionate about what he is doing (and that spurs me to do more).

What i have done (to deal with these outages) is to do other language activities (especially listening – to material that has already been lLingQed and studied).

Given its very reasonable cost, I don’t think that LingQ has millions of dollars to pour into debugging so i don’t expect that it will run as smoothly as say YouTube. When there are outages, they update the status on their Twitter (and they are genuinely sorry for the inconvienience)

My 2 cents

Now back to LingQing. I plan on reading all day.


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It just happened here at 9: 14 Central Standard Time. I hate it when it happens. There might be a reason, I guess. They probably took it down for a short maintenance.

@all - We’re very sorry for the unexpected downtime. Over the past 24 hours our site appears to have been under attack (a denial of service attack), which has caused the database to be overloaded and the site to be inaccessible. We have been investigating this and have taken some steps to resolve this, but there is no guarantee that the attacks will stop. We will do our best to beef up our defense to better resist these types of attacks.

Regarding overall uptime, we are currently spending a significant amount of time looking at ways to improve our current server and database setup. With a complex database and large user base, unfortunately these things aren’t one-day fixes, but this is very high on our priority list and we are actively looking to improve performance and uptime.


I guess babble is attacking LingQ secretly, because of lingq having better content and a variety to choose from.


Muslim extremists is my guess.

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Is it possible that someday this site will work correctly?
Everyday is getting worse.
503 Service Unavailable become commonplace.

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The our Lingq guys can find out who is doing this, then they might be able to sue the hacker. That’s my opinion on how that might work, I don’t know if it does or doesn’t work like that.

Yes, today it’s quite difficult to open the site.
Has anything happened?

As LingQ is a website that costs money, I would expect a 99.9% uptime. But this is simply not the case.

It would at least be nice and convenient with some kind of official status and explanation. Every website experiences troubles, but it is a bit annoying when we don’t get any official information regularly.