Why do you learning Japanese?

Anyway, I’m learning English.


Have fun learning English! Glad to have more Japanese people on LingQ.

Wow! Your Japanese is very good!

I’m glad you are interested in our culture!

By Japanese people’s bad habit, I can’t help saying “I will learn hard”. However, I am learning English comfortably with fun!

By the way, I have noticed that I have made a mistake in naming of the title of this thread…
Not to mention, “Why do you learning Japanese?” is wrong. “Why do you learn Japanese?” is correct.
It was not able to modify the title… (T-T)

SCNR (Sorry could not resist):

“Why do you learning Japanese?” is completely wrong!

Either you can say:
“Why ARE you learning Japanese?”
or you can say:
“Why do you LEARN Japanese?”

SCNR (Sorry could not resist)

To be fair, it’s not completely wrong. I suspect most people understand what Hiroshi means.

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Hi aha23, job86
Thank you for your responses.

I had noticed it yesterday.
But, at that time, I had not been able to modify the title already.
(I suppose all of the titles of threads in the LingQ are not able to modify. Once you make a thread, the title will never be changeable. The chance of naming a title may be only once.)

However, this mistake and your responses will make my English more fluently.

Thank you!