Why do many popular hints in the Spanish dictionary use English in the hint?

I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed this before.

I have the interface in English (my native lang) learning Spanish. So I have the reader dictionary set to Spanish so that I can just use Spanish language hints. However, most words the suggested popular hints with the Spanish flag are actually hints that are written in English. Is there a way to prevent these from popping up?

Here is an example of what I mean. These are the “Spanish” hints for malo…note that they are in English rather than Spanish.

What you see in the blue panel are the most popular translations from the community. For the majority of words, these are accurate. All meanings were, at one time, created by a user this way.

However, there is no lot of users who have the same study and dictionary language selected, so that’s the reason why you see hints in English. Not many users created translations for Spanish words in Spanish. I suggest you select your native language to be your dictionary language.

That’s true that they are the correct hints if the dictionary were english, but I’m thinking the English hints shouldn’t be in the Spanish dictionary in the first place. I know I’ve read a thread in the forums about this a couple years ago, but just can’t find it.

I did find this thread (Dictionaries Change The Language Of My Hints - Language F...) which talks about people putting the wrong language in the hints.

Was hoping it had gotten better after a while, but it seems almost every common word in the Spanish dictionaries have English hints. I guess it is what the “flag translation” is for? Hoping someone from the support staff will chime in about it.

As I’ve mentioned above in my reply, these are all user hints. Created by other users. There is no many users who are learning Spanish with Spanish dictionary, that simple doesn’t make much sense. And that is why there’s only a few hints there, probably created by English speakers who thought they have English selected as dictionary language and saved English hints in Spanish instead.
The reason they weren’t fixed or moved to correct language so far, is simple because there are no users with Spanish dictionary set for learning Spanish.

I understand that they are user hints, but they are unquestionably not in the correct place…eg user hints in English should not be in the Spanish dictionary…the Spanish dictionary should only have Spanish hints (theoretically…I understand people make mistakes and don’t switch their dictionary).

My main reason for the original comment was to see if there was an automatic way to get these hints (i.e., the English and other non-Spanish language hints that are in the Spanish dictionary), to not show up in the suggested translations, but unfortunately, it appears not to be possible aside from going through and manually flagging the translations.

As to using Spanish dictionary while learning Spanish, I’ve been on LingQ many years, and have gotten to the point where I enjoy using a Spanish dictionary to look up unknown words. I tried it a while back, saw lots of English hints in the Spanish dictionary; I tried again recently and saw it was the same, so I was just wondering if it was some weird thing going on in my account. It doesn’t appear to be a quirk in my account though, as you pointed out, it’s users putting English in the Spanish dictionary, so as to that I appreciate your feedback.

Unfortunately you can’t hide these wrong hints, you can just flag or manually fix them. In your case best to do would be to use one of available Spanish>Spanish dictionaries to create and add your own translations/hints.

Thanks for your reply. I enjoy making the translations/hints myself, so it is no big deal.