Why Do I Want to Learn Spanish?

I learned Spanish in school. I learned on and off on my own for the past two years but failedfailed to be fluent. This time, I am more motivated and determined than ever to succeed.

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Thank you for sharing your goals and explaining your motivation to learn Spanish.
I’ve similar reasons to learn French and Russian. At school, though, our English teacher tried to motivate us to learn English writing our first letters to Queen Elizabeth II. It didn’t work, of course. Celebrities and well-known people happen to grow interest to langauges only when they really have some emotional influence on you. Mila Kunis was a great motivation trigger for me. Though, she was born in Urkaine, not in Russia.

Inspiration for students: celebrities and language learning - Association for Language Learning https://writemyessaysonline.com

Why don’t you post directly to the LingQ forum? TBH it looks more like you’re using the forum to promote your web-site instead of providing value to the community here.

@SergeyFM I can’t see anything wrong with this. OP is not pointing to any paying or advertising page but to a personal blog, where he has more space and resources to develop ideas. As part of the community I don’t think this provides any less value than posting on the forum.

I think I’m slightly annoyed because in my country this website is only available via VPN :slight_smile:

Yeah, I totally relate to that, Sergey

You’re welcome! I am glad that you found your motivation!

ftornay is right. I don’t have any ads in my blog. Personally, I don’t think advertising is an effective means of monetization. The only thing that I got in anything that is related to money is being a guest blogger for LingQ. That’s it. Nothing else.