Why did Microsoft buy Nokia?

“The bulk of the cuts, around 12,500, will be in its phone unit Nokia, which Microsoft bought in April, the firm said.”–BBC

My first smart phone was Nokia E61.

Was it an elimination of competition in mobile phone market area, wasn’t it?

“The tech industry, Mr Nadella said in an email to employees last week, ‘does not respect tradition, it only respects innovation,’ and his hope is that a focus on productivity tools such as Skype and personal assistant Cortana will bring back this said respect(?).”–BBC

AROUND–please disregard this capitalization–12,500 employees who belong to Microsoft’s phone unit Nokia, are going to be fired. To use Mr Nadella’s expression, they do not respect employees; they only respect patents. Buying patents in itself cannot be considered innovative in any sense.

Seeing how they ruined Skype is more disturbing to me :-/

Nokia and Microsoft worked closely together on the company’s Lumia 1020, and Microsoft made core changes to its Windows Phone operating system as a result. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s Windows Phone work have revealed to The Verge that Nokia was left frustrated by some Windows Phone restrictions on its Lumia 1020 camera software.

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