Why Can't I Open the writings that have been sent to me to correct?

Apparently the format has changed once again, and for some reason there is not the simple drop down “Write” option for me to see the writings that have been sent to me to correct. What do I click on to get the writings? I wish for once that Lingq would send notifications when things are changing.

@Jillisa93 - The Write section has been merged into the new Exchange. You should be able to see your writings in the My Requests section in the dropdown next to Exchange. By the way, we did send an email out but it looks like some of our emails had trouble getting through to your address so our system automatically unsubscribed you. I have now resubscribed you through the back end, but you can control your email settings on the Settings page. In any case, sorry for the trouble! Here is the link to the blog post which announced the new Exchange: http://lingqcentral-en.lingq.com/the-lingq-exchange

But what do I click on? How do I get the writing???

Do I click on “Fulfill Request”? Then what happens?

@Jillisa93 - Yes, that’s right. Click on Fulfill Request and you will be able to complete the correction.

I am sorry Alex, but when I click on “Fulfill Request” it is just blank. There is no text.

@Jillisa93 - Can you send us the link for this page that is blank? Also, are you able to click that button for any other requests? Is it just the one request that is not working for you? We see the request page when we click the Fulfil Request button.

When I open the drop down tab My Requests, I see two writing correction titles, but it is blank where it usually gives the days that is a writing has been on the list. There is no number of days listed. The only place I saw a Fulfill Request tab was on my profile page. I clicked on both of them for the two writings, and then went to the list of writings and it is blank.

When you click on fulfill request do you not go straight into the correction form? You can do that from your profile page or from the exchange page. You don’t have to go back to the my request list. Just click the button and start correcting.

Yes, I go straight to a correction form, but it is blank. There is no text.

That is strange. What browser are you using?

I just downloaded the latest IE last night.

Are you able to try this function in another browser to see if you also have the problem in another browser?

Also, can you send me a screenshot of what you do see when you click the Fulfil Request button including the url field in the browser? Please also send a screenshot of the page before you click on the button.

I don’t have another one and really don’t want to download another, but if I have to, I will. I just don’t understand what has changed all of a sudden.

OK, I just download Firefox, and now I can see the text. Very strange!!! I wish I didn’t have to use 2 browsers. Maybe that is something you all can check on. Thanks for your help.

That’s good! Yup, we can see that issue in IE10 now. Thanks, we will get that fixed but it may be a few days. In the meantime, you will have to use FF.

Hi Mark. You made a comment on a post by Ninche that I was tagged in that said, “It will be good once your selected tutor corrects your submission and we can all see that too.” Is everyone going to see my writing corrections now, not just the person who submitted it?

@Jillisa - That’s right. If the poster makes the request public, everyone will see the correction as well. You can see what it looks like on the Exchange page where some requests have been completed.