Why are you using LingQ? What is the most important feature?

LingQ is a complete and advanced language learning platform. I know that for some new users, it may seam even too complicated. Yet, for you, someone who has learnt how to use it and how to benefit from it what is the best thing in LingQ. Simply why you use it, why you stay with LingQ? It may be a feature, a function, a property or a characteristic, simple or complex/composite, but only one. One the most important thing because of which you are using LingQ to learn languages, what is it? If you really have to give me more than one thing please arrange them in proper order from the most important to less important.

For me the thing is the ‘lingqing’ method, meaning, the group of functions which let me record my words into database and later showing the present information about them in every text. When I open an old or a new lesson, one glance is enough to know which words are completely new, which I’m currently trying to remember and in the end which should be already known for me. That’s marvelous. For me, there in LingQ nothing is more important than this. I can imagine that there is only this one feature and I still think of LingQ as the best software to learn languages. I’m not kidding :slight_smile:

What about you? What is the thing?

For me, the most important thing is the chance to submit writing for correction. I hesitate to mention that because I’m afaid free members will be punished with a rule that only basic members can buy points.

I also enjoy meeting people who work hard and enjoy languages-in other words, fun, but serious
people. I also recognize that some people are beautifully bilingual here. I can pass as a native in a couple of languages, but after a few minutes, something gives me away. I would love to have the level of certain bilinguals here, but…I wasn’t born in Sweden!

For me it is the ‘lingqing’ method too. I always like reading in the languages I learn. I also like listening to the radio, watching TV, watching DVDs (always with subtitles on, if available). In LingQ you get more: you can learn and practise all the unknown words and expressions beforehand, and repeat the listening process as many times as you want. Right now, the main language I am learning is Russian. I live in Russia, I work with Russian people, and my wife is Russian. So for this language I can get plenty of conversation and I can get my writings corrected without resorting to LingQ. However, I still notice that my Russian proficiency is improving because I have lots of meaningful real input, where I understand everything, everyday. And this makes a difference.

For me I think it’s the LingQing in combination with the word count. It gradually makes each forthcoming text easier, and lets me know about it.

For me it is the vast amounts of available natural content with audio in the target language. This is the hardest thing for me when learning a language and LingQ is the place. I also like the “lingq” feature and being able to get the meaning quickly.

I second Nick. Without the library, there would be nothing else.

I appreciate all of these kind words. To me, although I may not be objective, the greatest advantage is the range of resources and functions that are available at LingQ. I am a power LingQer and really believe in it. I use the Library but also do a lot of importing. I love the ability to sign up for a discussion in a variety of languages. I also greatly value the community, which sort of self-selects. We mostly have outstanding people as members, people I really want to get to know, across all different language groups. We will be making it easier and easier for all of us to interact.

The Library is good, I like the word count functions and keeping unknown words yellow.

The whole learning concept convinces me that it is better than many others in web.
Above all I appreciate the opportunity to speak to a native.

For me EnglishLingQ podcast with transcript is the first. The second is the word and listening hours count. The third is the community of language learners.

I want to add that I of course find the community (both the the user based content and the interaction here on the forum) very valuable.

For me its the Library first and foremost. What would LingQ be without its wonderful resources, contributors and tutors? Secondly, it’s the personal touch: I find the time, energy and passion brought to it by Steve and Mark quite awesome. The system, with its features and affordability is really also in second position, since they are it. (I’m not saying that I could afford Steve and Mark).Thirdly, but only because I had to put the other things first, it’s the community.

I also want to praise the library. More short stories of classic literature, please!

In which language(s) victor?

For me certainly in English yet.

Lingquing is certainly the best thing for me. The fact that i can instantly save my unknown words and have them highlighted on every text is just sooo convenient. It’s a very time consuming process without Lingq.
In the second place and after I cannot put which parts I like in some order. It’s rather that I can have all things together in one place. I can stop searching for a method or frame or how to organize my studying and focus on the actual process of learning. I can use the library which has loads of lessons, I can import whatever i want, I can ask whatever I want in the forum, there are always people around and yeah… all I need to do is just start studying.