Why are there no African languages on lingQ?

I just wondered, because I know that many polyglots are learning African languages, and they are missing on this site completely.
I myself have weekly Yoruba lessons with a teacher, and I would love to see some African languages here in the future.
I also miss Hindi, which I started learning, when I was still in school. I’d like to take this language up one day again, and it would be nice to use LingQ for that :wink:

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Why don’t you submit some content?

I am a beginner. I just started with Yoruba a month ago, and I do not know any other African languages. Plus I have forgotten Hindi entirely, so I am not really the right person to submit content…

According to some other posts, Hindi will be added once the new version is launched. I do not remember about any plans for african languages, though. Swahili one day, maybe…?

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I am really looking forward to that. And maybe next year there will be some African languages, too, I hope!
Anyways I am enjoying lingQ more and more and more languages would definitely make me stick around

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That’s the rub - LingQ doesn’t provide content so for a language to be added people need to provide it. If there are no African languages it’s because nobody wants to provide language material for it and there is seemingly little demand.