Why are there different aims in hardcore challenges?

at the moment I am participating in three different hardcore challenges and I realized that the aims in one language is different.
So I had a look into the hardcore challenges of “my languages” and I found I would have to achieve:

Known words: Catalan/ French/ German/ Esperanto/ Ukrainian : 546; Italian: 2730; English: 2275

Lingqs: all languages: 1183

Lingqs learned: Catalan/ French/ German/ Esperanto/ Ukrainian : 182; Italian: 546; English: 455

Why is that?

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My guess is that the targets depend on:

  1. The language: the numbers should be higher in languages with lots of inflections, word forms and so on. I see 4095 known words in Romanian and only 3185 in Chinese. Which seems reasonable.
  2. The user’s level (Beginner 1 - Advanced 2). The system seems to think you’re less advanced in the first 5 languages and therefore gives you easier targets than in Italian and English.

Before LingQ 5, the daily coins target used to influence the targets, ‘insane’ would give you a harder challenge for example. But this seems to make no difference anymore.

@bamboozeled: That’s so weird.

  1. → If it is so, languagewise French and Italian should be treated the same way.
  2. → This seems be the answer… It seems like the aims for known words and lingqs learned depend on the “known words” in my target language. As I use LingQ differently with every language I learn (or already know) I could not see that connection before. Thank you.

Unless it has changed it is based on your daily goals per language. If you do an Extreme Daily Goal then it takes those daily goals and multiplies by 90 for the Challenge Goal.


Ah okay, I was confused, I had been looking at the hardcore challenge, which appears to be static. But upon re-checking, I can confirm that the daily streak target (casual to insane) affects the coin target in the normal challenge (by an factor of 8 going from casual to insane).

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