Why are the word & sentence translations so bad when there is a proper translation of the full lesson text

I’m getting frustrated with some of the useless sentence translation in the KoreanLingQ lessons. I like to add sentences as LingQ’s to practice the vocab in context and with appropriate grammar.
Unfortunately, I often l cant just accept the popular translations offered on the right side of the screen because they don’t make sense. I can understand the individual word translations being odd because they might be a homonym with a different meaning in another context. But often sentences are completely useless as someone has just entered the gibberish that a translation app has spat out.
I find myself opening the same lesson in another tab, just so I have easier access to the full text translation. Then I can just copy the correctly translated sentences into my first tab.

The sentence translations come from Google translate and are sometimes accepted by other members. On the other hand I have translated a lot of words correctly, with the Hanja, so anyone who comes along behind me benefits. Such is life, not perfect.

I had the same frustration, but now realize it is up to me to provide a good translation for the LingQ’s I want to create.

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Personal responsibility for your own language learning. I love it!

Definitely use naver for any Korean!! https://papago.naver.com/ is the best translation you will get from an online app. It’s generally pretty accurate, but it can become more difficult for the app as the context of your sentences become more complex. As I’m sure you know, Korean often mentions the topic or subject at the beginning and then doesn’t mention it again unless it changes, which is rough on the translation apps. Just keep up the good work, I’m sure you’re doing great :smiley: Also, as you get better, you can look at the example sentences and figure out how the word gets used in different phrases in order to craft better understandings.

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Ideally it should be a partnership!