Why am I Ethiopian?

This is not a philosophical question. I set the country to Norway but the site displays Ethiopia.

Oh this is fun. I set it back to Austria which it was set to for some reason and now it’s Norway. Problem solved then. Cheers.

Hi ijoh,
Thanks for letting us know about this. It seems that there is some issue with it. We’ll check that!

Sorry, but I found this more funny than I should have. I’m glad the problem got fixed.

This should work properly now. Thanks for letting us know!

We believe in multiculturalism here at LingQ. Norwegians need to become more like Ethiopians and Austrians like Norwegians. We are working on ways to make this happen. I hope you don’t mind.መልካም ጊዜ እና መልካም ውሎ!


Нема проблема, господо Зоране и Стиве.

I just started long distance running and I’m terrible at it. So in that respect I choose to visualize being Ethiopian rather than Norwegian :stuck_out_tongue:

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