Wht accent do these German speakers have?

They both sound distinctly Irish to my ear. There are occasional vowels that scream southern Irish. But my German is basic, so I cannot be sure. Perhaps they are just fans of Father Ted.

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What a question… !?
It’s standard German without an accent.


I wish German ladies could speak German as clearly as it is spoken in this video esp in real life. :blush: In real conversations they mingle words. Since you are just starting it is just a beginning…perhaps listen to this video at 1.5x speed for simulating real conversations


It is standard German. And it’s so accentless that it sounds unnatural and sterile. Normally there is no such thing as “accent-free”. Everyone who speaks German (or whatever language) has the accent of the region they come from. I suspect that this almost creepily accentless German is made by an AI.


I agree with @DJTembo , it sounds to me like AI-speech.

They mostly speak standard German but every once in a while, a weird r-colored “burr” slips into their speech that is typical of both American and Irish accents in English - that may be where your impression came from.

A few particular details that make me suspect AI-speech:

  • the rhythm is almost metronomic, one syllable following another, where a human speaker would have some variation in speed
  • related to the above, it is particularly noticeable that unstressed syllables such as endings are spoken with an unnatural care – in “human” German, they are usually shorter and may even lose their vowel altogether (such that e.g. “machen” becomes “mach’n”, as is sometimes reflected in informal spellings). Upon re-listening, I notice that sometimes it does indeed cut them short in this way, e.g. “backen” being pronounced like “back’n”. Again, what gives it an uncanny-valley feel is the unnatural all-or-nothing variation - either fully pronounced or fully left out.
  • the melody is speech is very uniform. Yes, it goes up and down, but “all at once” instead of gradually, the way you’d expect from a human speaker
  • Listen to how “Anna” pronounces Kundenservice early on. It slips into a General American pronunciation for -service. Indeed, this one was what made me decide it must be AI. No human would do that, not if they otherwise speak accent-free.

Thanks all, very helpful.

Thanks. That’s exactly it, there is a colour or burr that occasionally slips in.

I have to say this is the best German AI speech I’ve heard. A lot of German videos for learners have appeared recently, all using AI speech and cartoons. Generally the speech is obviously unnatural.


I have noticed the same happening with ChatGPT Voice when I’ve experimented with it in different languages. It weirdly slips in and out of a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) American-English accent while speaking, almost at random. “Traditional” text-to-speech doesn’t seem to have that issue. (Although it has its own issues, such as misidentifying the language to hilarious results like reading your entire English sentence with a heavy German accent.)