Who's the best polyglot on youtube?

steve is mentioned here too hehe http://wolflilt.com/polyglots/ don’t see amir on the list either :frowning:

well it’s safe to say it’s not christophe clugston, that’s for sure! http://www.lingq.com/forum/1/14626/

Each one is unique. No point in comparing. However, in the languages that I speak in common with Luca, I would say that he speaks better than I do, and his ability to sound natural in many different languages is quite outstanding. But then Richard is also amazing, and more thorough then I am. But I am quite content to be an also ran.

I am not going to get into who is best (which would be based on subjective criteria anyway), but I will say that Steve was the first person I ever saw speaking several languages on line. I discovered him on his private website way before youtube ever became popular. At the time, I was flabbergasted because I honestly thought I was the only person in the world (or at least in North America) studying multiple languages and the fact that he spoke languages outside the usual FIGS languages (French, Italian, German, Spanish) was amazing to me. And he posted videos not knowing what the public reaction would be. Therefore, Steve definitely is a pioneer in the on-line polyglot “universe”.

And no, Clugston, I am not a Steve sycophant.

Apropos Mr Clugston, is he going to react in any way to Steve’s interview with Prof. Krashen, I wonder?

(I would just love it if Steve could manage to get an interview with the big boss man of Linguistics, Noam Chomsky! The bellow of jealous pain and rage from the Clug’s lair would surely be audible from right across the ocean! :-D)

I wouldn’t personally say that there is a “best polyglot” on YouTube, but if anything, every polyglot is good in his or her own way. Sorry if I sound very stupid saying this but that is how I feel.

Modesty is for losers Imyirtseshem. ^^ :DDD

“Who’s the best polyglot on youtube?”

The only answer that comes to my mind is: who cares?

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For anyone who cares, here is a comprehensive list and bio of polyglots who share their experiences on-line:

@polyglot2 It is not a comprehensive list. Check the comments.

Apropos, I don’t think Idahosa is a polyglot; some people on that list (“Who’s the Best Youtube Polyglot?”) don’t have a youtube public channel; Alex Rawlings didn’t have a blog or youtube public channel before that post; Mae is relatively unknown outside of HTLAL; David Mansaray is just starting -although he’s been a great language learning promoter; some people listed are not active nowadays; and so on.

It is plain to see this blogger took the names from “Skype Me Maybe”, and that’s pretty much it.

Edit: I’ve realized “Who’s the Best Youtube Polyglot?” is only the post title. Still, some people on that list are not active at all. I don’t understand why the guy who made the list didn’t include Iversen.

This list is rather silly.
There are only twenty polyglots out there?
In fact, there are many “silent” polyglots who don’t want to sell a method, an ebook, etc.
To learn a language, you need motivation, not a polyglot.