Who's going to win?

Ok it’s the powerful Dutch vs the skilled Spaniards. Who’s going to win?

I’ve promised Berta to support the better team.

… and as Paul the Octopus says, it’ll be Spain.

Come on, guys, surely you won’t let our eight-armed wonder beat you!? Who is it going to be?

I picked Spain to win from the beginning although I am only saying so now since that improves my chances of being right.

I was upset when Germany had lost. That is why I want Netherlands to be won. :slight_smile:

“Hup Holland Hup”

I hope Holland will win, but I’m not sure if they can.

Oleeee, Viva Espana!

Forlan won a golden ball. He deserves it!

hahah Thank you Sanne :slight_smile:

Shame on dutch players and english referee.

The first half should have ends on 11 players to 9 for Spain.

Before the game I was for Spain but I would enjoy a dutch victory. I quickly change my mind. I am now more happy about dutch lost than spain victory.

Final score should have been 7 players to 10 for Spain. At least 5 to 10 if you add all the yellow for bad speech to the referee.

Of course if the referee had showed the first red - all could have been better.

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Hi cihat67,

I would suggest you to add something to your bio. In this way we can know a little more about you. By the way, we tend to keep with the topic that it was started in the thread, so if you want to present yourself, It’s better that you create a new thread :slight_smile: Anyway, welcome!