Who wants to record a list of my saved LingQs in Russian? I will do the same for English

Here below is a link to a list of my saved LingQs from a history text I am listening to and reading. Is anyone willing to record the word and phrase in Russian and send the sound file to me. I will do the same for English.

I am experimenting. What I see is this.

I spent some time going through these LingQs as Flash Cards (because the LingQs show up fast there) and reviewing the examples and selecting the ones that I want. This is already helpful.

If I get a sound files of these I will listen over and over to that file.

I will also import the list and sound file into LingQ and see if I find that helpful for vocab review, repeating the sound files, and perhaps changing the examples.

I can then also share this new list/sound file content item with others.

Others may wan to try this for other languages. All comments appreciated.


hi steve,

It’s an interesting list. The only problem is that the system saves only a part of the sentence. Sometimes, to get the right intonation, it’s important to know the rest.

I guess that if recording and exchanging lists is going to work we will have to accept a little imperfection as is always the case in life and in language learning.

I selected the phrases I wanted from the examples and edited them. My selection criteria varied. it might have been to recollect and context, or because of certain words that I have trouble pronouncing. It is not necessary that every single phrase be pronounced with realistic intonation. It would still be very valuable to me.

I think, as well, that we would, through practice, get better at selecting and editing these phrases.

“recollect a context” We need an edit function here!!!

I agree with the edit function !!!

Steve: please give an example for English too because a lot of people cannot understand Russian :frowning:


If you have a list of saved LingQs, lets say between 25 and 50 or so, go through and select good examples and put them into the Phrase section of your LingQ box. Edit these phrases so that they are complete and useful.

Then go to print this list. It can be from a content item. It can be from tags. i can be a list that you made in the Vocab section by selecting terms from a longer list. Whatever the list is, post it here.

A native speaker can then record them for you. By the same token, a person studying German may post a list here, and then you could record it in German. It is possible that more than one person is interested in these list and therefore the lists can be shared.

Just an idea. I think it is particularly good for pronunciation. I do not think you can do that for all of your words, nor is it necessary. But I think it is a useful thing to do for certain words and phrases that you really want to learn or to be better at pronouncing.

Thanks Steve, I wonder about your so fast answer - are you a night worker :slight_smile: - or are you waiting for Christmas Eve?

I think your idea is a good one. Only one query:
You did this list in your homepage (http…)
Where we can do this - is your meaning here in the forum?