Who wants to learn persian

I’m mohsen from iran. i’m learning englih, so i want others help me and if they want i can teach them persian.


If you wait 6 months or so we hope to add many languages including Farsi. Maybe I can be your student at LingQ.

Nice. That is pretty soon indeed.
Which others will be added?

I am not making any promises but Dutch, Korean, Cantonese, Polish, Arabic, Hindi have been requested. We also have to improve how Chinese and Japanese works on the site,

How about greek?

Yea, actually I am interested to study Greek.


Can we count on you to help with content and tutoring?

Of course!
I have already ideas about courses and also I know a quite good online dictionary.

Great ktm,

In the meantime we have to focus on some of the basic improvements we have in front of us here at LingQ. but let’s am for July!!! Mark will give me H*** for even suggesting a date.

Yes, I understand. Everybody expects to see more languages on LingQ and I think it will be great when that happen. But for now we will be patient :o)

Steve, I don’t think there is any other language site out there, that has the diversity and depth of language learning content that could be available here. If Greek, Korean, Cantonese, Farsi, etc. can be quickly rolled out to the extent capable here…The power of this site will be next to none.

I mean…seriously…if you want to learn Cantonese through Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone, or any other program…you are basically stuck with only the most remedial of content. In some ways…languages like Cantonese or Korean only have “token” representation… A company puts a basic course out there, so that they can claim to support that language, but in actuality, very little support and language learning is provided.

If LingQ rolled out advanced courses for Cantonese, it would really be the only site of its kind to do so. Even the Hong Kong government doesn’t promote language learning that is anywhere close to bringing people toward fluency.

The fact is…big companies looking at their bottom line, just aren’t willing to commit to some of these languages with “smaller population bases”, because they just don’t think the money will be there. At this time, LIngQ may not be able to compete with the big boys in terms of budget…but it could certainly fill a nitch for many languages that people would love to learn, yet remain out of reach for the general public.

Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Mandarin…They are all great languages to learn…but they are also available on multiple different platforms. Cantonese? Greek? Korean? There is definitely a demand there that remains largely unfulfilled. Other companies can’t and won’t meet the demand…because their systems require expensive courses and investment in production. You can support it, and you can do it at a much lower cost!

First of all, I’m already very happy with the present languages offered here in LingQ right now. Secondary, I thought mark told me a while ago that he was not sure Dutch would be introduced at LingQ. I think that’ll be a pity for me and Darbanville, because we already have different conversations recorded in Dutch :slight_smile: I thought it was a certainty that Dutch would be launched…I need to know this for sure, because it’ll take a while to transcribe the audio files into correct Dutch (maybe I can also “Who is she” make in Dutch?). I don’t know yet if I could be a full-time tutor (correcting writings and speak with students), but I certaintly can produce conversations and transcribe it in Dutch. I have a permanent partner for it…

gr. sjoerd

Sjoerd, I never told you we wouldn’t add Dutch. We will add it eventually. It is just a matter of when. Sorry I can’t be more specific…

Oh ok sorry mark for the misunderstanding, I wasn’t sure about it…

gr. sjoerd