Who wants to get FARSI added to Lingq?!

I really want to study Farsi but it’s not available on Lingq!

According to the New Languages on Lingq page, it needs 2 hours of beginner lessons, 5 hours of intermediate lessons, and 5 hours of advanced lessons to be posted. That isn’t a lot!

My husband is a native Persian speaker and wants to help me get this accomplished. But 12 hours of audio is a lot to write and record. So I’m asking you guys for help:

Do you know of any lessons that are copyright free that could be added to help the total?


Do you know any Persian speakers who would be willing to help?

I really want to make this happen! I’m sure I’m not the only one!


Edit: As a first offering of Farsi content, we have created a site, discoverfarsi.com

Please check it out if you’re interested in this beautiful language.


I would like to learn Farsi. Unfortunately there aren’t too many good resources for it in the West. (I kind of doubt whether it’s very high up on the list of languages to be added to LingQ?)

I would love to learn persian languages! I am hoping that as U.S.-Iranian relations improve the demand for farsi goes up and more resources are available!

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Next week is spring break (my husband is an instructor) and we are planning to go on a recording spree and record as much content as possible.

If Lingq doesn’t agree to add Farsi then I’ll post it on my own website and include lingq-like features (audio, text, some sort of dictionary system if I can figure it out) but hopefully they do.

Anyone who is interested in this can let me know. I am really motivated for this idea so unless something terrible happens, I think we will go for it.


Yes, I would also be interested in learning Farsi.

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I think it is admirable that you are motivated to do this! I can’t see why LingQ would object to you doing this - in the long run they would gain more users from it, as I’m sure that there are people out there who want to learn the language but haven’t yet signed up to LingQ because it is not available. Hopefully they will help out in any way they can!

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My next language will be Farsi too! I love the sound of it, its softness. But I have to improve my Arabic first…

As for resources, I like this website: https://gloss.dliflc.edu/

I’d love to have Farsi at lingq.

The optimist learn english, the pessimist learn chinese, the realist learn FARSI


Good idea

I have several languages on my “next up” list, and Farsi might be among them. I don’t think so, at least not for a while. however, I think the Iran-US thawing would make this more interesting, more in-demand, and would actually help increase the number of speakers of Farsi/Persian. Since I won’t study a language unless it’s on LingQ, this would definitely make me more likely to do it.

That being said, I think Farsi and even Irish (Gaelic) are two languages which would be very popular, especially with US enthusiasts, but which have no decent resources for something to start studying. It would also be good if Arabic could move off of the Beta list. Of course, I can only imagine how busy LingQ staff members are so I’m not really complaining.

Update for anyone who is interested: We created the site! DiscoverFarsi.com

Unfortunately right now I only have a terribly tiny and old Chromebook to work with (so frustrating) so the site hasn’t fulfilled my wildest dreams. But I think it looks pretty cool for a two day old site.

Hopefully we will eventually have enough content that Lingq decides to add Farsi to the list of languages. I am having to study vocabulary in Anki like I did in the stone ages. (Just kidding, but I do miss my yellow words.)

Thanks for any suggestions about the site, by the way, apart from the obvious (the layout could be better and it needs more content.)

It’s going to take forever at the rate of one lesson per day so hopefully we can speed it up.


Thanks for this, it looks like a wonderful initiative.

Back when I was helping get Greek added as a language on Lingq, I spent a lot of time looking for content online that was already available to share. Once we had collected enough material, the Lingq team kindly opened a beta slot for Greek. Once we had enough content uploaded here, they made it a fully supported language.

So my suggestion to all those who would like to see Farsi added would be to start looking for public domain texts and audio (audiobook sites are good for this). Asking for permission to use language-learning materials on other sites can also speed the process up.

Good luck, and great work for the fledgling site!


Thanks for your story of getting Greek added to Lingq.

I have been looking for premade Farsi content but I haven’t found anything for intermediate-advanced. It seems like most of the sites are the same “Hello, how are you?” type of phrases and grammar points. I shall keep looking though!

(No offense to anyone who may have a Persian learning site up there with cool stuff. I definitely haven’t seen all of them.)

Edit: I didn’t check audiobook sites. That is a great idea.

Maybe that could cover a lot of the advanced material!

Wonderful initiative, unfortunately it will be a while before I can get to Farsi. I’d like to ask for one small favor howsever - how does one say ‘yes, we can’ with audio? I’m just about to the point where I recognize common names in Arabic script and almost follow along.
One difficulty I’m having with your site, in enlarging the Arabic script enough to read it, the player is pushed down below the where the screen ends. By the time I’ve scrolled up after hitting play, I’ve lost where I’m at. Probably not such a problem for people with better knowledge of the script, but I’m having trouble with it.


I see what you mean about the text. You are completely right, but it’s a bit difficult for me to fix without messing other stuff up. I shall try more next week. (We are travelling now, hence my terrible stats at Lingq. Bad me.)

In the mean time, you might want to open the same page in 2 tabs. Zoom in one, and listen in the other. Or download the audio to your computer (using the icon on the right) and listen while zoomed in.

We will try to integrate “Yes, we can” into a lesson so you can listen to it as much as possible.

Thanks, looking forward to it :slight_smile:

This might also be of interest?

(Just stumbled across it.)

So many languages to learn, but Farsi would be high on my list. I don’t know i I would ever even get to go to Iran or Afghanistan…but the language sounds great!

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Unfortunately this site appears no longer to exist, but I did find a few Farsi recordings on archive.org. Do you have any updates?

Also, did lingq get any Farsi mini-stories translated and/or recorded?