Who is vina?

hello my name is vina
please contact me
here in my private
email ok
i will be waiting vina

The private email of her/his is: vinaribbins90@hotmail.com

Hi Etudiant1,
We’ve removed that account. Be sure to report on support(at)lingq.com if you notice more spammers on the site. Thanks!

Well done, zoran - I will!

Vina’s account is not removed I have still got a message from her on my wall.

I deleted her message on my wall.

That must be new account then. What’s her username?

It doesn’t help, if you delete a spammer’s message on your own wall, because the message is posted somewhere in the LingQ - forum.

Her username is “Robbins” please read my e-mail as well.

Vina Robbins ziet er een beetje uit als een beroemde spammer. Ze is het geloof ik ook. Zij woont in de spamwereld, maar niemand van ons weet precies waar dat is!

Hi vina, cheers from Athens!!