Who is to be chosen as the "Provider" of a lesson?

When the script and the audio of a lesson or collection belong to different authors, whom should I mention as “Provider”? The writer or the recorder?
Some examples:

  1. I write texts that are later recorded by native speakers (e.g. on Rhinospike or by a LingQ member);
  2. when I import audiobooks, the audio is often taken from Librivox, while the text comes from Gutenberg or Liberliber.it.
    Thank you for any help,

Hi Michele,

This situation is a bit tricky, but we think the best thing to do is to go with the voice, i.e. put the provider as the one who provides the audio. In cases like this, since the text is in the public domain anyways it can be found in various different places, but the audio is exclusively produced by and for Librivox, Rhinospike, etc.

In fact, there is no “right” answer to which should be the provider. It’s up to you Michele. You decide or split it or whatever makes the most sense.

Hi Michele, you can add a new provider containing both names and add in the description information about the source.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I think I will decide case by case.