Who is She?

I’m trying to find story “Who is She” in the library, but get zero search result for it. What happened? May be story was deleted or site search work wrong?

The search works not properly. Here is the link: Who is She!? - LingQ Language Library

Thank you very much VeraI. You are really help me!:slight_smile:

I wonder what happened. Usually thy should be shown on the first shelve of the library. It works for all languages beside English in that way. Hopefully Mark read this comment.

Who is She shows up in the first shelf of the library for me if I set the level to No Knowledge or Beginner 1.

I can see that it doesn’t appear in the search for some reason. We will investigate.

I notice that the Search seems to work for a number of lessons but not for Who is She. Strange. Will look into it.

I changed my settings to No Knowledge and Beginner 1 but these lessons are not on the shelve. Do they disappear if they were studied?

Yes, they only show on the shelves if you have not taken them before.

Lots of things don’t appear in the search boxes, especially in the forum search bar…

Yes, you’re right. I often wonder if it is not more important overworking existing functions, eliminating bugs and improving weak features instead of developing new functionalities. LingQ appeals often to be patient but I now some problems are known for one ore two years! A priority list is fine. But in a timeline the priority of minor problems should increase.
For example: a problem is considered as priority 3. After 6 months it becomes priority 2. After 12 months it becomes priority 1. Priority 1 problems should be resolved in at least 3 months.
Don’t forget that this is only an example which pictures how software developer works. Priority 1 problems usually should be resolved in at least 1 or 2 days.

We need editing functions on the forum :frowning:
Immediately after sending this I spot this error.
… but I now … —> … but I know …
I’m sure there are more errors inside :wink:

We have upgraded our search functionality and these changes will be updated in our next release next week sometime. Hopefully, this will fix all search issues like these.

Everything the programmers do takes longer than planned, much longer. As an example, the expanded lessons page is considerably delayed. Why? Because aside from the normal bugs and problems that we encountered, while trying to implement this truly significant change, our site started slowing down. This required considerable upgrading and reconfiguration of our data base and other programming tools and systems in both the production server and the QA server where we test new functions, with the result that many of the features of our new lessons page upgrade would not work. Several programmers worked on this, and one had trouble getting the new configuration set up on their computer, and then we have the issues with different browsers etc. It just takes time!!!

Along the way some important bugs in the system were reported and fixed.

It is not possible to predict how long it takes to make changes and fixes, and therefore it is not practical to set a deadline for functions that we simply do not consider essential. Search or edit functions on the Forum are not essential issues, in my view. They do not prevent people from learning. They affect a relatively small number of people on the system.

A low priority remains a low priority item regardless of how long it has been around, in my view. Every time we distract the programmers from high priority items we do not know how long it will take to fix, nor how these changes might affect other issues.

I do ask that everyone be patient and just accept us the way we are. I can assure you that programmers are not spending their time friviously.


Steve, I know exactly what you mean, because I am a software engineer.
Software has to grow in a very very wise way. It means doing things carefully, establishing priorities accurately, giving time to programmers to do things correctly and expecting humble results. Besides, sometimes programmers have to do a lot of things that users don’t know (internal documentation, performance tests, updates, …). The bigger is the software created, more carefully things have to be done.

On the other side, it’s good to know that users ask for new features and improvements continuously. It means that they are using the system.