Who is she? Partie 13. French Lingq. Small Mistake?

I’m not sure, but I there is a mistake in this lesson.

The lesson number is 13, and the sentence is:

Vous savez, j’ai de nouveau reflechi. Après réflexion, je ne veux pas faire ce que vous demandé.

Shouldn’t reflechi, be réfléchi? Root verb is réfléchir.

Just wanted to point that out. Thanks!

mmm…it does seem littered with mistakes! Not only should it be “j’ai de nouveau réfléchi” like you suggest but there are more mistakes, for example: “demandé” is also wrong,

What should be in place of demandé?

I just wanted to say, that its pointless to try to read/learn if it’s having mistakes. If feels like learning a bad habit. :stuck_out_tongue:

It helps if you can post a link to the lesson in question, or make the forum post from the lesson itself.

In the lesson, it actually says: “je ne veux pas faire ce que vous m’avez demandé”.

I’ve just corrected réfléchi.

First of all you cannot learn a bad habit from one exposure. There are occasionally mistakes in our content, and as soon as it is pointed out, one of our members who has an editor’s pencil will make the correction. Thank you Peter.

Ah okay, well, thanks Steve. I wasn’t complaining, I was simply trying to help. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong, we appreciate being told of errors. However, we should not be too worried about the odd error. Our content is member generated and there will be the odd error, typo etc. Since you will end up with lots of exposure to the language, you will get better and better at identifying the odd mistake. It is probably good for developing our alertness to the language. I hope you are enjoying LingQ.

Yeah, I can see now, that you are completely right. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

I think the beginner lessons should be as accurate as possible. Advanced learners will spot out errors more easily (but I prefer lessons made with carefulness.)

The only reason why I posted about this, is that I was here maybe 2-3 years ago under another user-name.(smallsushi) I remember doing this lesson or story, and it was what you started with. Our rent went up, the economy was crap, and I lost confidence that I could do this, so I put off language learning at that time.

I’m starting to feel better now, so I thought I’d start up again, and take it slow. Since this is like Beginner 101, I was just really surprised since it been up a while. I thought surely enough people might have gone through it to weed out anything. So that’s why I wrote.

I have nothing BAD to say about lingq.com though, I mean I knew 2-3 years ago it was one of the BEST things I’d ever tried, and I’ve played french games, read french learning books, Rosetta stone is horrible. (sorry just my opinion) and I thought Steve was just an amazing example of what people can accomplish if they really want to, and aren’t too hard on themselves like me! How I knew it worked for sure? After I quit for a bit, I still remember words years later. That is what did it for me. I do think you have to supplement your learning a bit, when it comes to grammar and stuff, but its not really important until later, but I just have a love of understanding, so I’m always googling something. (or playing with something french learning, busuu.com is kinda fun)

I’ve always been a thorough learner. Sometimes you have to be. Like something that always stops me in my tracks, is these certain sentences or french word combinations, that when you put them together, it seems to not make sense easily, but the grouping of the words, or phase has its own mean. But hey, I like that, mini challenges. Lots of “Aha” moments.

Thanks again for your program. :slight_smile:

Of course we want our lessons to be perfect. It may even be that this is more important for beginners, although I am not convinced of this.

The ideal learner, to me, is the independent learner. An independent learner looks things up in all kids of resources, google, books, etc., and is not frustrated when encountering a mistake, or something that is unclear, confident that over the long term things will clear up. An independent learner is determine to consume so much content that a few mistakes, or moments of ambiguity, are merely small obstacles on a long journey.

But Vera is right, and she is our conscience out there in LingQland, one of many who have the editor’s pencil and help us keep our texts clean. We need thorough people like you Orchid. Let us know if you are also willing to have an editor’s pencil.

If you think I am capable of helping, sure! I love to help out.

If you think I am capable of helping, sure! I love to help out.

sorry for the doubt post. :frowning: