"Who is she?" lessons in Spanish; SLOW speed - are they on here?

Hi guys

I have been doing lots of listening to the “Who is she?” (natural) collection (lessons 1-5) which were created by Alsuvi. While parts 1 and 2 are digestable for my brain in this new language that I am learning (jaja), parts 3-5 are simply spoken too fast for someone at my level (beginner 2) to comprehend or understand much.

I have been searching for the SLOW speed versions of these lessons with the intention of downloading them to listen to on my ipod but with no success - do you guys know if they are on here? and if so, where are they?

Muchas gracias in advance!


The slow version is available here:-

Otherwise, the South American version is available as well (it is also slower):-

Choice, mate! :slight_smile: (no pun intended)

Cheers hombre!

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

P.S. the pun was nonetheless amusing, jej

Nick there is a brand new collection for absolute beginners at the library, from IDEL.

That’s in a slow speed. And you also have the same collection at a normal (fast) speed, so you can check your progress after you’ve done the slow speed one: