Who is LingqSupport-RoseGiver?

“This is Lingq’s Automatic Rose Generating Giving Device Software”

Who is LingqSupport-RoseGiver? I received three roses from him. He says he is living in Italy. Is he a real person or a bot?

Is he a con man?

good question

Three??? Some only get two. Did you play along?

3 roses? In Russian culture, an odd number of roses is preferred, and an even number is reserved for funerals. :stuck_out_tongue: Consider yourself lucky?

He’s not a bot, but he has really good sense of humor!

So he’s not really with LingQ Support?

No, he’s not.

Is he a self-proclaimed LingQ Support?

He’s a self-proclaimed rose giver!

It appears he has not only a sense of humour but a big heart.

I wonder if he has also created the Bitcoin system.

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Also, not sure if you guys have noticed, but his avatar is from the movie “The Giver” (Jeff Bridges).
He thought about the details!

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I relieved to hear Zoran’s understanding about this case. I have been worrying about this because the road to hell is sometimes paved with jokes. Am I right in thinking that his “giving” action does not cause any trouble to the LingQ web server and any confusion among the members?

Now all we have to do is track down the one man who has seen this movie.

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confusion is a necessary condition of language learning.

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I can say with confidence that confidence is also a necessary condition of language learning in some context.

Agreed. The confidence to deal with confusion and uncertainty as we confront a new language.

No. Yet more fundamentally important is interest. If you are truly interested in a specific topic, then you will naturally develop the motivation to clear out any confusion that may hinder your understanding of a topic.

Yutaka, you must see these mists of confusion not as obstacles, but as opportunities to level up your confidence to a new level. No confidence is not confusion resolved.

~Steve >:3

" No confidence is not confusion resolved."
This last sentence is hard to understand. I am confused. Does it mean that no confidence does not show that confusion was resolved? I wonder if you wanted instead to say that no confusion does not necessarily mean that it was properly resolved.

Why does this remind me of the star trek liar paradox?