Who here is learning Icelandic?

Who here is learning Icelandic?

  1. Which lessons have you tried using?
  2. Which lessons have you found helpful?
  3. What kind of material do you think is missing?
  4. What other thoughts do you have on it.

Ég er að læra íslensku en ég nota ekki bókasafnið.

When I look at the library I think it looks good overall. I think the gaps I see are really when I filter by the levels. Beginner 1-2, Intermediate 1-2, etc. If each of the shelves had a full list of lessons for a new user that’d be perfect. Obviously that would shrink as people read them.

This isn’t something you can solve, but I still think LingQ needs a Wiki or some type of concept that can organize content that cannot be imported into LingQ via the extension, cannot be shared due to copyright, but is accessible for anyone to purchase or engage with.


I think it is crucial for new learners, who are not super-learners, polyglots or experienced LingQ users that the Library should be vast and interesting. They are not necessarily going to figure out to just import material or know where to find it, plus it is very difficult to find any beginner level texts to import in the first place. It is not the easiest thing for me to achieve, to have a complete library in Icelandic, being pretty much the only person who uploads material into it, but I am trying to do what I can.


I don’t disagree that there should be enough content for beginners to get them in the door. That’s why I would point towards Pronunciation and Technology which do not yet have 6 lessons on the shelves for beginning 1-2.

You seem very devoted to learning Germanic languages. I find it quite inspiring.

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Yes he’s the one who is learning Germanic languages like a maniac. I’m the one who’s already been there, done that, for the most part.

I went through all of the 60 lessons that you put together. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it.

I’m far more into reading and listing to story-based content so, personally, most of the categories don’t interest me.

Albeit not easily done due to lack of availability, an expanded Books and Movies section would be great.

Again, I know it’s not easily done, but the biggest difficulty for people who want to learn Icelandic on LingQ (or anywhere for that matter) is the massive gap between the 60 stories and the remainder of content.

I remember a thread where you mentioned getting permission from a few publishers. Have you considered getting permission from Útgefið efni | Menntamálastofnun?
Although the majority of content there is targeted toward children, there are several easy readers intended for older youth and even for classics like Dracula.

Again, thank you for all your work; otherwise, Icelandic would not be available on LingQ.


-“Have you considered getting permission from Útgefið efni | Menntamálastofnun
-Yes I am in discussions with them indeed as well as some other entities

I think what little material could interest you in the library would then be the two children’s novels / adventure novels: Álagadalurinn and Leitin að demantinum eina. I am looking into getting some more story based content, but difficult to get novels and though I may read one myself at some point, it is very time consuming. I have started to read a few of the Icelandic folk tales, but they are rather short, for someone who is into serious study and would be read/listened to quite quickly.

One thing I will try down the line is to see if some publishers of copyrighted content would be willing to put something like the first chapter of some of their books only into LingQ. That would advertise the books but not give away too much, while still helping people learn.


Very much appreciate your feedback. Good to hear a bit about how people are learning.

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