Who do I have to kill or kidnap

…to get you guys to make it so friend’s blogs appear on our profiles again?

Although the end does not justify the means, I prefer to read the blogs of my friends on my profile page. The blogs of our friends are more interesting than our “activities.”

The blogs of our friends can provide us with indispensable sources that activate our discussion on the forums.

I still don’t understand the criteria to appear on the blogs page. Everything that appears there is of no interest to me. My own blog seems not be published there, either.

First of all, the most recent blogs only get published: as the ALL setting demonstrates. The FRIENDS setting would be governed by your choice of friends, their frequency of posting etc. Well, that’s the theory, I believe.

I have just I have noticed that my Posterous blog doesn’t appear either on this page. It could be that others were faster than I am. Considering that some of my German friends are prolific posters, it may be just a matter of pot luck (or that there is a trouble with our Posterous page) …

I just tested the Germany + from All testing. Your blog doesn’t appear, nor does mine - but then I haven’t posted anything in the last two days.

The first blog I see is in Vietnamese!
I posted quite often during the last days, the RSS is Ok, but nothing appears on the blog page… :frowning:

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but I just want to approach this systematically:

I’ve looked at your friends: you ought to be able to read Vera’s and Steve’s posts at least, when you are in the Blog tab with the setting on the right on “Friends” and “All countries”. I see theirs and “Grokkers” all the time, but not my own.

Alternatively, you should be able to see Vera’s stuff when you put the country to Germany on the drop-down list. At that point your blog should also appear. I cannot imagine that there are that many bloggers from Germany to crowd your contribution out of the system.

As I said above, there may be a problem for you and me with our Posterous/LingQ link. I’ve just looked at Posterous and cannot see anyway to ‘autopost’ to LingQ. I thought that the link would be established by LingQ, linking our blogs to LingQ, so to speak.

Perhaps someone else can help??

Some more observations:

The filter for ‘Language’ on the blog page does not work. If I set it to German, it gives me blogs in all sorts of languages instead.

I have paged through the German blogs to no avail, you and I do not appear.

@ Mark: THANK YOU for the paging possibility (even if the blogs/buttons are not on our respective profile pages…)!

I miss the friends’ blogs on my profile page too. I know it’s still there but not somewhere I look every day.

There seem to be some issues with the blogs feature. We will look into them. We have no plans to put friends blogs back on the Profile page anytime soon…but given Blindside’s threats we will put it on our list…

I admit that I often read the blogs on the old community page and the profile page. I loved to see what my friends have been posting. Now with the new system where I have to go to friend page, choose blogs and then change the selection to “friends” only I do it very seldom. It is no longer convenient and obviously. I would love to have it with “one click”, maybe as a submenu of the friends menu?

I like having the blogs in a place which catches my attention, so I will be very appreciative if LingQ is able to make that happen again.

@SanneT and hape - We are looking into why some blogs don’t seem to be updating. Give us a day or two.

Regarding friends’ blog posts on the Profile page, give us some time but it sounds like something we should put back somehow.

The blog posts are updating again. There was a problem in our feed updater for the last 3 or 4 days. However, hape and SanneT, it looks like your blogs are still not updating properly and I am guessing that it has to do with the feeds from Posterous. We are continuing to look into this and will know more later. The feeds seem fine but our feed reader seems to not be able to display them properly. I seem to remember that Vera might have had this problem initially but I see that she now has a Feedburner feed. Vera, can you remember what happened with you and your Posterous feed?

@hape, SanneT - I suggest you create an account at Feedburner, add your blog to it and then fill in the Feedburner section in Posterous > Settings. Then, the Feedburner RSS url will be used and the problem should be solved. Otherwise, we will look into why this is happening when we have time.

Hi Mark, sorry, I cannot remember what I did. But I remember that I integrated Feedburner.

I have just looked at Feedburner: it looks too technical for me. I shall just muddle along without a direct link and post anything of mine that I think the world cannot live without via LingqCentral.

@SanneT - It’s not that technical really. :slight_smile: You can ignore most of it. Just enter your blog url and then grab the extension after feedburner.com/ which it then shows you and enter it in to the Feedburner field on the Posterous Settings page. You will never have to go back to Feedburner again.

@mark Regarding friends’ blog posts on the Profile page, give us some time but it sounds like something we should put back somehow.

Glad to see good 'ol violence and threats of violence are still ways to get things done… the killing and kidnapping would only have been done theoretically of course.