Who can help me in Engish?

Hey, I’m Santa. I want to improve my english skills in that I love this language. Also it’s very important for me to learn this, because this school year is the last for me and I would like to take english examination in spring. So I would appreciate if there are anyone who want to help me ;)) My Skype: santuze

Hello Santec! Well, the only one who can help you is youself. It’s impossible to find someone ready to help you without asking for anything in exchange. What you can do is to find someone who, like you, is studying English. You can both practice together and surely learn from each other. Besides that, there are many books and audio files throughout Lingq library that can help you. :slight_smile: I can practice English with you, if you want, but I can’t teach you because I find myself in the same situation.

I find myself unwilling to help people learn English, unless they are willing to help me with their language too. I’d love to be more charitable, but I’ve only got so many hours in my days and I too, am a language learner - I put a lot of time into it. My recommendation for English learners is to find English speakers learning your language. I’ve noticed that people generally want English but aren’t willing to share anything in return. Basically, people don’t like to be used in one sided situations.

Santa, we have excellent tutors here at LingQ!

Like you, I needed to prepare for academic work, so I opted to work intensely with a tutor (native speaker in my target language) here at LingQ. For your specific and immediate language goal, English examination in the spring, I highly recommend working with a tutor.

Hey everyone :wink: you all are right! I forgot say that we both could practice together :)) Just don’t think that I’m selfish

tomaSito, if you really want to practise with me that’s great, thank you. But my english isn’t very well so it need patient with me

A small criticism I personally I am ready to help in French, on skype, I would like to help me back to speak English is my difficulties, but there is never one to really hard it’s a shame I am a bit disappointed because I am very motivated.

I think I’ve already said it in another thread, bit I’d be interested in a French / English exchange, just add me on Skype.

Bonjour Peter,
Oui je vais t’ajouter à skype, j’adore apprendre l’anglais mais j’ai vraiment beaucoup de difficultées à parler,beaucoup de temps pour trouver mes mots,c’est plus facile pour moi à l’écrit,pourtant j’étudie tous les jours,mais petit à petit l’oiseau fait son nid comme on dit chez nous.
Donne moi tes disponibilitées pour skype.

C’est pas un problème. Moi, j’ai besoin de parler davantage en français aussi. En général, l’après-midi ou le soir chez toi me conviennent le mieux. Mais il faut trouver un créneau qui nous convient tout les deux. On peut le régler sur Skype. À plus.

Hello Peter
Ok but when I added your pseudo skype name not found?
Good day

It’s there, just type it in exactly as it is on my profile.

I’ve tried adding whoever appears to be you on Skype (after doing a search). Not sure if you’ve received the request.