White Back to blue


How can I return WHITE words back to BLUE? (Made it white by Mistake)
I’ve tried to double-click and press Enter , but it is still White.



If you use app device (iPad) click one time on the white word. You will see the translation of the word. Make lingq.

Thanks but actually I am using android and PC

It’s possible to click a word on PC. It is also possible to select a phrase, just click and drag you mouse over the words you want to select.

Hi y1w.
If you have marked word as Known or Ignored it by mistake, it will change it’s colour from blue to white. However, you can select word again anytime if you just click on it or highlight it. After you do that, you will be able to create LingQ from that word, to add it into your vocabulary list and make it yellow.
Let us know if you have any additional questions!

Thank you all.