Whisper AI for multilingual audio

I have been listening to a Polish podcast that focuses on the Americas, so a lot of Spanish and English in songs or interview snippets. Importing these episodes always fails and I just get broken lessons. Is there a solution?

Sorry but we can’t support importing from all sources. You can post a link you tried to import the content from here and I’ll check if there’s anything we can do.

Hello Zoran! Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, I had this problem a lot and seems to appear always when there is or music or snippets in another language.

For example: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/tulum-nie-dziekuje-20–49043322

I suggest that as user we decide how the transcription of this should take place:

I’ve seen three reactions from the AI so far with foreign language snippets:

  • transcribe in foreign language

  • translate into target language

  • omit transcription and often produce errors in the rest of the transcription

Sometimes I think it would be the best to just leave it at a [speaking in a foreign language] and focus on the transcription in the target language.

The same with music…

Kind regards.

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