Whishes for features to find suitable conversation times

It would be nice if there would be the possibity to show only the “1 on 1 conversation” times. I have to scroll a lot when I want to find times for friday for example.

Another thing: When I book a time for the next week, after closing the smal window, I see the time for this week. This is a bit confusing, and it happened that I booked a time for the wrong week.

It wouldn’t matter if the filter function for the tutor would work properly. But if I choose a tutor, and then “next week”, I see the time for all tutors.

Another interesting thing would be a filter for the time. I chose a suitable time, and then I see, which tutors offer conversation in my time slot.

Those are all good suggestions Vera. We will be improving the Speak section in the next few months and will look at this then.