Which word is a stronger "good"? Добрый or хорошо?

Which word is a stronger “good”? Добрый or хорошо?


These words are not full synonyms.
Добрый - kind
хороший, хорошо - good, well
stronger to хороший - очень хороший, отличный; хорошо - лучше, отлично
My best friend - Мой лучший друг
Как живешь? - хорошо. Отлично!

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Thank you for answering.

Thank you very much for the answer.
It is quite helpful to notice that those two wards are not really synonyms.
I’ll continue trying to understand the idea you gave to me.

Cognates of добрый mean “good” (or “well” in their neutral form) in virtually all slavic languages except for Russian. As Evgeny has explained, it means “kind” instead. The set expressions доврый день, доброе утро, добрый вечер,… are exceptions, probably remainders of the original use

Thank you for an informative explanation. Now I know that the use of добрый in Russian is the exception, and that the word even has the use in greetings with exceptional meaning.

It seems that a native English translator might more frequently interpret “добрый человек” as “good person”. Both those phrases are common in their respective languages, though “kind person” would also be correct. Often the best interpretation depends on more than just the dictionary, of course.

I’m reminded of the opening sequence in the 1983 film ‘Пацаны’ in which a number of juvenile delinquents are interviewed, and at around 2:17 the question is posed, “Что такое ‘добрый человек’?”.

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Thank you for giving me more information. I’m getting the difference gradually. I’ll try the links you provided.