Which translation extension is the best for learning vocabulary?

I’ve saved numerous English news sites to peruse and learn new words during work breaks. Initially, I used the Google Translate extension, which only offered meanings and pronunciations of words in context, lacking detailed explanations for each word.

Consequently, I switched to the extension named Online Translator-Google Translation, which includes a dictionary function. Its user interface is more streamlined and user-friendly than Google Translate’s. When I highlight a word, it not only shows me its meaning and pronunciation but also its tense variations and meanings in different grammatical roles.


However, I still want something that provides a broader range of example sentences and contextual uses for the words, akin to what vocabulary learning apps offer. Could Google Translate Incorporate a Dictionary Feature?


“policy counsel” is some sort of job title and whatever job duties this person has probably won’t be reflected in any dictionary. Maybe if you asked Chat GPT to explain it you would get the best answer possible.

I currently just use Naver Dictionary (Korean), Papago, Google Translate, and Chat GPT, and LingQ as my resources.