Which mp3 player do you use for learning your content?

Which mp3 player do you use? What are the features?

I’d like to buy one. I need a lot of space for putting audiobooks and podcasts into it. 1 GB or 2 GB will not work for me. 16 GB might work.



I’ve got an iRiver. Mine’s only 2 Gigs but it well and truly satisfies my LingQing needs. :slight_smile:

I use Microsoft Zune 8Gb.
I’m downloading audio materials from LingQ as well I am connected to several podcasts. Also, in some cases I’m watching films’ episodes (on Italian/English language) on my Zune.

I had an Iriver too but it got a little old and broke. Best players I’ve come across though.

Ipods are junk.

I am looking into Microsoft Zune 8 Gb. Can anyone tell me where I can order it online?
My brother will purchase it and he lives in the USA.

I am wary of of Ipods. I don’t know how to import files into a folder in an ipod.

I have an Ipod Classic 120 Gb. It’s relatively cheap, and you can watch movies on it, listen to songs/podcasts (with transcripts written in the file), and there’s a lot of space, so you won’t get bored:)
To import stuff is really easy, just drag the stuff you want to import into Itunes. Only bad thing is the sound isn’t that great.

My player (DMTECH MP382) was fairly cheap (~350 SEK/35€) when I bought it (in February 2008). 2 Gb storage capacity, internal battery (rechargeable via USB), small screen for navigating and displaying file name/duration/repeats/etc. No program installments to open the player as external drive (as I remember Iriver used to require). Recording function (mic or line-in). The device can be used as a flash drive/memory stick as well. Nothing fancy, but good enough for me who mainly want to study languages.

http://www.prisjakt.nu/bilder/bild.php?p=273552&type=standar d&size=800&.jpg

I’m quite sure that it’s now outdated and can’t be found in stores, but I’m happy with this one.

I bought my Zune in USA.
You can try to buy it online on Amazon.com (if they are willing to send it outside USA), or buy it on Ebay.com.
I’m quite sure, some of Ebay sellers are ready to sell and send Zune worldwide.

I’m not familiar with iPod, so I can’t help you on the subject.
With Zune I just select materials (podcasts, music, or video) that I have on my laptop, push “sync” button in laptop ZuneSoftware and get it on Zune.

I am really picky about my mp3 players. I need to have a small, clip type so that I can clip it to my collar for easy access. I also like using ear buds with a short cord (shorties) because I feel the sound is much better. Shuffle and “hold” buttons (to freeze the interface) are necessary for me. But I don’t really need a visual display. I don’t like interfaces that require you to hold “x” button for “y” number of seconds. I also don’t like replaceable batteries… USB recharging for me only. My memory needs are relatively small. 1 GB is plenty. Oh and it has to be Linux compatible.

I had one mp3 player that satisfied all of those needs (COBY MP500) for only 20 dollars. But I think didn’t “safely” remove it from the computer once too often. SO the files got corrupted. Now they are out of stock everywhere.

Now I have one that is not so good (Archos 1) because of the weak type of clip it uses and the fact that you have to hold “x” button for “y” seconds etc etc. But it is better than nothing and at 32 dollars not too bad a deal. I don’t see the point in in spending 50 bucks for an Ipod shuffle since all the accessories are proprietary and the sound is basically the same.

Although I have an iPod touch I use my cell phone Nokia 5630 for that purpose. Although I’m satisfied with 4GB of flash, but it can be ugraded to 16GB. It has WiFi and you can download your favorite podcasts directly to the phone if you want.
On the other hand iPod touch has Nike+ feature which I use when I run in the mornings and listen to audiobooks and podcasts.

I too have an iPod Classic with 120 gig of memory. It’s my major lifeline, I can’t live without it. I have so many audio books and language lessons, and I still haven’t even filled up halfway. But for language learning alone, an iPod Nano would be the way to go. 16 gb is definitely enough info to learn at least 3 extra languages.

I have a Coby MP600-2G. All I can say is that I hate the thing. It’s great for putting stuff from a CD onto it, but when it comes to LingQ content, forget about it. I have tried so many ways trying to the audio onto it that it isn’t worth it. I can only put the audio onto itunes and that’s it.

I’m in the market to getting an Ipod right now. Does anyone have any suggestions? Not looking at iPod touch quality.

Get the iPod Classic. It rocks!!! Either that or iPod Nano.

There’s an Ipod for everyone. They’re the best, any one who doesn’t think Apple doesn’t make the best products has hopped on the bandwagon of people who dislike things because they are popular. The only complaint that holds any water with Ipod is that it doesn’t play a huge number or file types, for audio if you’re using anything but mp3 or mp4 then you’re silly.

Actually ipod plays a nice amount of audio file types all except WMA or those other exotic file types


What’s your OS? In any case, just plug the thing in, cancel all the stuff that may pop up when you plug it in, and locate the icon for the player. Then when you download stuff from LingQ for example, locate the place where mp3 file downloads, and then copy/paste the mp3 file to the player icon. There are other ways of automating the process, but in no case will the above process not work.

Anybody who is not a non-critical follower of Apple is on a bandwagon? The thing Apple are best at is marketing to and fleecing their cult like followers.

The main complaint I have with Apple is that they are 3 times the price of a comparable non Apple item, so even if what you get is a lemon, you can always buy another and still be ahead. The second main complaint is their proprietary hold on the consumer. If you buy an Ipod Nano, and you lose your earbuds, you can’t just pay 10 bucks for new generic headphones, you have to locate an Apple store and pay whatever infalted price they want to charge for their average sounding headphones that allow you to press “play” on thier Shuffle. You can’t just charge you MP3 with a generic cable, you need to buy Apple docks and cables, again, inflated.


I, by have I mean we as a family, have Windows XP. I have done what you are saying, but for some reason the Coby Media player will not recognize anything from lingq. I have tried to directly import audio content from windows media player and that won’t do it. (I have done this with music and it worked)

I have been doing some looking around at ipods for the past few hours or so, and I am between going all out at getting the new Ipod nano or just trying to find the old ipod shuffle(2nd generation with 2gb if I can find it.) I don’t like the newer ipod shuffle because of the headphones. If they break, I have to order them and I am known to go through headphones.

I’m just more into getting an ipod rather than an every day mp3 player because soon here I’m going to be getting my macbook pro and I want to switch everything over to Apple products.

Nick, I wish I could look over your shoulder at what you are doing. It sounds like you need nothing more than a fresh pair of eyes to see what it is you are doing to prevent the player from grabbing the files.

As for your desire to switch to Apple, I hope you are ready to commit your wallet to it :wink:

I’ve an Archos Gmini xs202s with 20 GB which is 3 years old, and I love it! Unfortunately it is no longer on sale. They have newer ones but they changed the firmware and I read that others are complaining because the older one was better. I love to have a lot of content with me so I can always choose spontaneously content that fits my mood.

Especially, I like that I can put my mp3-files with drag&drop on it without having to use special software. That’s great, that’s simple. Keep things simple!

I agree with Edward (dooo). The marketing of apple is great. It’s hard to find mp3 player with 20 GB or more which is not an apple. 3 years ago there were more competitors. The great efforts of apple on marketing let them become almost a monopolist.

Two weeks ago I read about problems that iPod users have if they had problems with their old iPod. It seems to be not easy to put mp3 files from one iPod to another iPod.

Nick, do you, by the way, have the “hold” button off when you are transferring LingQ files?