Which major updates have been in the last 5 years?

Hi to everybody.

5-7 years ago i was using intesively LINGQ to learn Russian, and it really helped me to learn the language, im now fluent in Russian and without Lingq i never could have done it, it has opened so many new doors in my life.

Im thinking about coming back to use this wonderful page, i´d appreciate if somebody can write me which have been the major updates in the last 5 years i should be aware,( in order to enjoy Lingq in his full potential).

So far i´ve tried the actual site and i dont see many differences, (though im sure they are).

Thank you very much, and keep using Lingq, im a living proof if u use it everyday and have enough practice in the real world after, everybody can learn any language, even Russian!

PS: before there was a membership plan where you pay once and you get lifetime access, i see now doesnt exist anymore. I´d happily pay it, any news if this offer will come back?


I think you were still on Lingq 4.0 at that time. Lingq 5.0 was officially introduced in 2021 (I think). They had a blog entry which listed many of the changes…See this link:

Introducing LingQ 5.0 - LingQ Blog

I’m not sure if it’s mentioned in the blog entry about a couple of other items. On website, if in sentence mode, it will list all the vocab on that page with the first meaning or two selected, including blue words which you can simply click the + item to add them (if you find the first meaning supplied suitable). This functionality is on the apps as well…except for blue words not on android app for some reason. Also on the web is a sidebar for vocab for the lesson. You can easily go through and do all the blue words for example…or otherwise look at the vocab there.

They added adding text to audio for full lesson, if you don’t import any audio. So you can listen to the full text (and view it in a reader mode at the same time).

Another addition was “Whisper” technology. So, for example, if you find a youtube video without subtitles (auto generated subtitles are considered as without), then it will transcribe the lesson for you. This is definitely very handy, at least for the more popular languages (not sure how well it works for the less popular ones…i.e. outside of Romance languages). I find it works well for Spanish and German.


thank you, i will be playing around! i hope to dont miss anything, i see that youtube videos in telephone are much better than before

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