Which level to start and when to move on


This may be a very obvious question and if so, I apologize in advance. I have just started with LingQ learning Spanish, and just wanted to know are you supposed to complete all the lessons in each level before moving to the next? It looks like there are hundreds of lessons, for example in the Beginner 1 stage, so should I do all of these before moving to Beginner 2? And if not, when do I know when to move on to Beginner 2.

Thanks in advance.

You study what interests you. As your known words total increases your level will upgrade to Beginner 2. If before that the Beginner 1 content is too easy, uninteresting, or you just want a bit of a challenge, simply go to Beginner 2 content if you can manage. It’s all about studying what is of interest to you. There is no set course to follow on LingQ. It’s a system for independent language learners, with a community of course.