Which Is Better: Paid or Free VPN for Windows?

Struck on this for about a while now. looking for your best recommendations

Um. I’m assuming this is about getting content from other countries that requires a VPN to bypass regional content blocks.

I would say a free VPN will suffice. I have used free VPNs in the past and they work well. Paying for a VPN will just increase the speed and security. I don’t personally need military grade encryption watching youtube videos. But it’s ultimately up to you.

Stay safe :slight_smile:

yes, thanks for the reply. I am not a great fan of freebies. There are hundreds of different VPNs out there, not to mention a vast number of biased reviews that can make you even more confused.
Here’s an great list of the most popular VPNs
Do check it out: Best Free VPN for Windows Operating System

Why did you ask then?