Which ebook store sells ebooks that are easier to import into Lingq vs Kindle?

I’ve bought pretty much all of my ebooks via Kindle since getting a Paperwhite years ago. I have no complaints with Kindle overall but as a new user of LIngq, I’ve realized very quickly that the DRM on Kindle (esp. using the new versions of the Kindle app) make importing to Lingq very difficult.

I’m thinking about just purchasing Spanish books via another ebook store if it means the process to load into Lingq is easier. Does anybody know if books from stores like B&N Nook, Kobo, Apple Books, or Google’s ebook store sell ebooks that work easier with Lingq?


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I buy all my Korean fiction ebooks from Google Play and remove the DRM in one click with Epubor ultimate. Works absolutely fine.

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See my suggestion here re: Kindle:

I’ve not tried other sites as I’ve had no need so far. I’m able to do the second suggestion I have in the thread. I download the book “download and transfer via usb” from the manage content section of kindle website on amazon.com. For me, this is is under the “more actions” option next to each book I own. I’m not sure if this is an option for newer kindles? I have a very old one.

In Calibre I have loaded the DeDRM tools as mentioned in Peter’s post. On Calibre I thought there was some place where I entered my kindle id, but can’t seem to find it anymore. Possibly this isn’t important anyway. In any event, I’m just able to convert the file to mobi and upload to LingQ.

If that doesn’t work, try Peter’s suggestions to download old kindle for desktop. Be careful as it will try to install the new version on an update. (Maybe unplug from internet so it can’t do this before starting it). THen turn off auto updates. In any event, verify it doesn’t get updated to new, otherwise start over.

not exactly an answer to your question, but how to remove DRM: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/remove-ebook-drm-with-calibre

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Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll give these tips a try!

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I’ll give this a try! Thanks