Which dialect of Spanish is the course?

I am studying the Spanish course, as I am moving to Peru and need to be able to speak their language. Therefore I was wondering - which dialect is the course based on?

It is my understanding that the Spanish spoken in Peru and Colombia is considered quite standard. I should say that as a second language speaker of Spanish I have never found the differences all that great. You can with confidence use any of the content in our Library. You can also refer to the Accent search field in our library to find content with typical South American accents that would work just fine in Peru.

Perhaps native speakers have something to say on this.

I am a native from Spain, and I had an acquaintance of mine from Peru. I found his Spanish quite standard and easy to understand. If I were you, I would go for lessons with latinamerican accent, though they isn’t from Peru. I think there isn’t too much difference.

In any case, if you learn some of Spain’s accent, or whatever, I think you shouldn’t have any problem with that.

I think the main difference is the vocabulary, I guess you should not differentiate the accents because you are not a spanish native. Care with some words that they have not similar meanings between diferent countries. You could have a little problem :)))))

In any case, try to listen many accents. At least, I do that with english.

Thanks for answers. Sounds like I shouldn’t worry too much.