Which country or place do you think are the most beautiful?

Give us reasons if you think it is beautiful.

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Well, it would be interesting to hear more about this from other people. Lately I was in Budapest, and I really liked it there. Perhaps it was a combination of the broad boulevards, the warm atmosphere, the impressive architecture, the cosy bars and the wide Danube. :slight_smile: Other opinions?

“the most beautiful” is impossible for me to answer. There are far too many beautiful places in the world - and each with its own benefits.

Weiden. Small town in Bavaria (Germany) and Šumava (area in Czech republic near Germany). And Prague of course. :slight_smile:

French Riviera (France), Gulf of Naples (Italy), Santorini (Greece)

Guilin (PR China), Ali Shan (Taiwan)

Vancouver, Banff & Jasper National Parks (Canada)

Reasons? Visit these places and see for yourself …

I like different regions for different reasons.

My favorite European city is probably Madrid, because of the people. I like their no-bullshit, matter-of-fact frankness.

Geographically, I’d probably say anywhere in the Alps, whetther it’s French, Italian or Austrian. But I’m a big ski bum, at heart. A VERY close second would be South Africa. The topography and wildlife were awe-inspring for me when I went there.

Favorite American city? Chicago, for the same reasons I like Madrid.

South America? Buenos Aires. I suppose every continent has to have a “Paris of X” and Buenos Aires is the “Paris of South America”.

I’ve not yet been anywhere in Asia. When that happens, I’m sure I’ll have a favorite there, too.


Among places I visited.

  • Badgastein (Austria) for the view.
  • La chambre d’amour (a beach in french Pays Basque) for the name.
  • Goeppingen (Germany) for the Marklin museum.

Among places I did not visit (yet).

  • Vancouver - Canada (it looks like Switzerland with the ocean and some chinese girls)

  • Biobio - Chile (for the biologists there)

  • Bolchoi theatre Moscow - for the show.

  • St Petersburg for the midnight sunlight.

  • Under sea among friendly wild life in Red Sea or in Polynesia.

  • This great view point that I saw in James Bond somewhere between Vietnam and China - some Islands.

@hrhenry Chicago, oh hell no. That shit ain’t beautiful.

Vienna, Geneva, Bologna, Beijing, Paris, Calcassone, many small cities or towns in France, etc because I’ve ever visited or lived there, and find them very beautiful, but I can not say which is the most beautiful. Each place has an unique beauty.

I think it’s impossible to answer this question. There are so many beautiful places almost everywhere in the world. No matter how fond of travelling you might be, you don’t even know one single per cent of the beauty (nor the ugliness) of the world.

But - of course - you can still ask: Which are the place you like most among them you’ve already visited?

Asturias as it is magical and eerie.
Milford Sounds as it is stunning.
The sea in the Maldives as it looks pure.
Faeroe islands as you can see the sea everywhere you go.
Norwegnian Fjords - peaceful

I’m quite taken by the Scottish Highlands, lowlands, and isles. I love the fact that history unravels itself, the more you travel in the place, as there is, quite literally, a Castle behind every hill waiting to be explored.
the same with Wales. I remember, when after having crossed the border into Wales, how the scenery became unforgettably picturesque.

Iceland is an experience. the Land of Fire and ice is quite extraordinary, a real moon-landscape.

Now Marianne what are these Faroes something? they Sound like a lovely place… ~~,

I really like London.

Brazil…nature beaches!

I think the question would have been written either: Which countries or places do you think are the most beautiful?
OR Which country or place do you think is the most beautiful ?
Are I not right?

I think there are far too many countries or places which are the most beautiful. To be honest, I would like to say that although there do seem to be certain concrete features that are considered universally appealing, it is also true that beauty does not always conform to a single, uniform standard. Thus, I would like to say that a country which a person prefers doesn’t seem to be preferred to another .As a result, I think that this question depends on the preference which a person shows .
In other words, such as the preference of men for women and the reverse.

the most beautiful country is, of course, the native country :slight_smile:

One of the most mind-bogglingly beautiful places I’ve ever been was either Yellowstone National Park (WY, USA) or the Florida Keys. Both wonderful.

Novosibirsk – The crimson red sunrises in the Siberian sky over the Khrushchovke Homes near where I lived.

Honorable mentions:
Downtown Chicago – for the stunning architecture (especially the Hancock building, which I can stare at forever)
Paris in July near the Eiffel Tower – looks like a scene out of a perfect romance movie
Wellington, New Zealand – for the tranquility set against the water. In general, I found most of New Zealand to be beautiful
The island of Kauai in Hawaii