Which browser do you prefer with LingQ?

Which browser works best for LingQ? I have tried several and find Firefox the best. I use Chrome for other things but defnitely have the fewest problems at LingQ with Firefox. What do others think?

Firefox works fine, but is quite slow.

I prefer Google Chrome which is much faster than Firefox.

But this problem is still not solved in Google Chrome:

(problem no. 3 in the first post of this thread).

So I am forced to use Firefox, that I normally try to avoid.

"So I am forced to use Firefox, that I normally try to avoid. "

Do you try to avoid FF generally or just when using LingQ?

If generally, why? I ask because I realise you are very knowledgeable with software, but I have always heard that Firefox was the best overall browser in terms of security and performance.

I’m using Chrome and everything seems to be working just fine.

I use Firefox only with LingQ. The mentioned problem with the annoying repositioning of the external dictionary window does not exist with Firefox - that is the main reason.

But Chrome starts and works faster, is more stable, not so resource-hungry like Firefox, has a better cookie management, etc., etc. … – so I prefer this browser in general.

Do you use an external dictionary? If yes - is it not annoying for you that in Chrome the dictionary window changes its position to center of screen - every time you query a word? This makes me crazy.

I do not have this problem with Chrome Hape, but I find copying and pasting a little sticky in Chrome. I do not find the speed difference to be significant.

I prefer Opera, and it works fine with LingQ.

i found the screencast you made about your problem, in the thread you refer to (actually in the thread to which you refer in the thread that you refer to :)).

to me that doesn’t feel like a bug, and i’m not sure why you would want to keep your dictionary window open in the first place. of course, i suppose everybody has their own preferences when it comes to those kind of things, but i found it a bit strange that this makes chrome entirely unusable for you when it come to lingq.

i have to agree with hape on the speed difference, especially the startup time. i’m not sure what you mean about copy paste being “sticky”? on the other hand, there are a few area where chrome is still beta software, even at version “8.0.xxx”, i mean come on, a modern browser without a print preview ?? :slight_smile:

I’m using Safari, and I don’t have any problems with LingQ at all.

@stwel, in Chrome if I highlight a word in the dictionary and try to drag it over to my LingQ widget, sometimes the whole dictionary becomes highlighted and blocks me. I also find that I sometimes cannot access the alternative (not default) dictionaries when in Chrome. The faster speed of Chrome is noticeable but either way not a big factor for me. I use Chrome for other activities, but prefer to avoid it for LingQ.

I prefer firefox.

I find that using LingQ on the default web browser on my Android tablet pc is so much more comfortable than using any browser on a laptop or any other traditional computer. The mobility of the device itself presents big advantages. I have not tried Android’s Firefox or Opera versions but I will try all three and report back for those using LingQ on a tablet device which is not an iPad.

you own an iPad and you use LingQ on it. Are all LingQ functions work in Mobile Safari on an iPad or are there some problems with certain features? What about e.g. hovering over a word?

@ hape; I only use iLingQ on the iPad. I find that LingQ does not work well with Mobile Safari.

I have IE, FF, Safari and Chrome on my computer and have found a real speed difference with Chrome.

Steve have you checked your site log? It should be able to tell you which browsers people are using on your site.

I have noticed a few quirks and just work around them. Based on what I’ve read maybe I should try FF. But it is difficult to get me out of Chrome.

I noticed that when I cursor over words while reading the word meaning box will stop popping up. I have to click in the margin and wait a few seconds before it starts to work again. Sometimes it just stops altogether and then I’ll load either FF or IE or move on to something else.

We know which browsers are used on our site. We also test for different browsers. I was just curious to hear of people’s experiences with different browsers. There seems to be a lot of variety of experience even with the same browser.

After I posted I reread your original question I understood you where looking for our expierence. I hope my second post is a little more useful. 8D

since Chrome (or it’s variations) are on the market I use them the most . But some features don’t always work properly (e.g. text –to –speech in flashcards). In these cases I go back to the good old IE, its latest version is faster than the earlier ones.