Which Avitar is displayed

When looking at a persons avitar and stats. What determins what language avitar is seen or being displayed?

For example. One of my pupils showed me the avitar she sees for me and it isn’t a language I am studying it is however the same language that she is studying. I of course have this same languag that I use to be able to read the same article together with her in the same language, but I always dump my vocabulary after the session so it doesn’t increase my stats in that langauge…

Is there a way to designate what Avitar and stats language I want shown? As in A language I am actualy studying? There is no point in seeing stats on a langauge that I use only to help my pupils… :slight_smile: especially since I am a native speaker of that langauge.

Also, It didn’t indicate to her what language avitar she was looking at. I only knew what language it was because of what I had purchased and put onto that avitar.

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Hi Walter,
Yes, page shows the avatar of language person who looks at your profile has active.
We will see if we can change that.

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I didn’t quite understand this reasponce. Did you mean. That when a person looks at someone elses Avatar. That they see the equivilant language they are currently loged on with for the other person? How do you designate which language is “active” is it the successef days streak? what if they are more than one language with a streak? How do you choose which one you want displayed for stats to others?

No, it displays the avatar of study language of person who looks at your profile.
For example, if I am learning Spanish and I open your profile page, I’ll see your Spanish avatar.

ok… and if we aren’t studying the same language? Which one is shown?