Which accent

Fellow Americans,

Bruce Springsteen, which accent has he?

I’m listening to him being interviewed and I find him very articulate.

He’s from New Jersey and sounds like he’s from New Jersey / NYC. If his accent can be identified more specifically, perhaps someone from the northeast could identify it. I have heard some people from New Jersey with accents so strong that they sound like someone making fun of people from New Jersey. Springsteen’s accent is not as strong as that, but he’s definitely not from around here (fly-over country).

Thank you, khardy. I liked his interview. He speaks like a scholar.

Bruce Springsteen: Interview with The Boss – BBC News

Watch: Bruce Springsteen, our complete interview – PBS NewsHour

Thank you, Yutaka for these videos! The interview of him I listened to was via one of my favorites podcasts, WTF with Marc Maron. Now, These videos (and many more I’ve discovered along) are great.