Where to start?


Though I’m not a new member, I’m new in this tutoring thing. I’d like to be an English writing tutor. I’ve been learning English for 25 years, I’m fluent in English. I started when I was 9 years old, and still learning until now. There’s no finish line in language learning! :slight_smile:

I have online students, mostly from Brazil, Spain and Latin America because I learn Spanish and Portuguese. I teach English here in the city I live too.

Now where do I start? One of the administrators said I have to advertise my service to other members. Where should I put the ad? Open forum? Should I wait for people to submit their writing to me? or can I do correction on people’s writing without their request?


@laurencia_winda - There is no specific place for advertising your services. You can just let people know on the forum or on their wall. Yes, you have to wait for people to submit writing to you. There is no place to correct writing otherwise. Good luck!