Where to go post-Assimil?

I’m new to language learning and am making my way through Assimil with Ease French, my native is English and I hear Steve talking about finding, “Interesting content” once you speak the language well enough.

From what I’ve read I should be ready for interesting content when I finish Assimil but am wondering where to look for it and what to look for.

If anyone’s been in this position, where did you go from here and what were the next steps?



Check out our library at LingQ, and also check out the resources listed on the Import page. Since I am not studying French I cannot give you more advice than this. Good luck.

Here is something that might interest you, Ace. You can read things in French that are interesting enough to be you learning about little or big things.

If you want to listen to French radio. Here is a link above this sentence.


some more nice learning websites.

If your interested in gaming videos, here is a French gaming youtuber.

I hope that these resources will be of use to you. Bonne chance dans votre l’apprentissage.

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