Where to find graded readers in French and German

Where can I find graded readers in these languages, and I am not talking about PDFs since most of them can’t be imported.

I ordered bilingual books (Sherlock Holmes) from Amazon , German-English translation in parallel. Check out above link for more sources.

Hi, cankut!

Oli Richards has a “Foreign Language Graded Readers Series” for several languages (English, German, French, etc.): Foreign Language Graded Readers

You can also buy these books via Amazon and import them into LingQ (https://www.lingq.com/pt/community/forum/open-forum/my-aproach-to-importing-drm-eb).

Hope that helps

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For German I think you would enjoy the “Dino lernt Deutsch” series. These are aimed at A1/A2 (mostly A2 imo opinion). I think they are very entertaining and not dumbed down.

I bought mine all from Amazon which would have DRM to remove (see Peter’s post). You can alternatively ordered the ebook directly from the website which comes in 3 formats together epub + pdf + mobi. It may be that these don’t have DRM and can be directly imported into LingQ. If not, you would go through the DRM removal per Peter’s post.

There is an intermediate level of books as well B1/B2- Baumgartner und Momsen. I haven’t gotten too much into these. Mostly because the chapters are super short and I like to import chapter by chapter, so I’ve been slow to import.

There is also an intermediate/advanced series…B2/C1.


Another series you can look into is from Brian Smith.:

At your level you can skip the first one. These are dual language readers (German on left page, English on right) so they wouldn’t import well into LingQ without a lot of work. They work better with the physical book in this respect. I’ve not gotten far in these as I’ve found other interesting content to me…particularly I had really enjoyed the Dino lernt Deutsch series.

You could also check out Dominik Wexenberger’s books:

He also does Spanish books as well. I’ve only read much of his first book for German. These do have DRM on them.


These too: Amazon.com: Angelika Bohn: books, biography, latest update

I don’t have experience with these those, so not sure how good they are.

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