Where to find free podcasts?

It seems that many of you can find podcasts to import on LingQ and I am the only who doesn’t succeed.
There are many interesting Italian podcasts, but they are all protected with copyright and it seems impossible to get a permission to share them on LingQ…
Would you / Do you ask for it anyway, even when there’s a copyright with all rights reserved?

Now I have found a podcast apparently with no copyright, but I have sent an e-mail to the website anyway to ask for the permission to share their podcasts.

Hi Michele,

I’ve asked a lot of podcasters, and I got the permission for some podcasts.

I always asked for permission and wrote a nice letter with some compliments about the nice podcast before I started transcribing and importing.

In my experience, radio stations and newspapers do not give permission. Publishing companies typically do not give permission, although one did give me permission for a podcast.

Try to ask private podcasters. Also you could try to find podcasts from companies who use the podcast for advertisement. Be patient.

Explain that you’ll mention the creator and set a link to his website.

But I have to admit that in most of the cases I have to do the transcript. It is nearly impossible to find German podcasts coming with a transcript!

It’s probably best not to share copyrighted content in the Library. I’m sure the consequences aren’t too big, and we can certainly remove any content if a request should come in, but regardless of that it’s good practice to respect both copyright laws.

With non-copyrighted material you are actually free to share it without requesting permission. However, I’m sure that they’ll appreciate you asking their permission in spite of this fact. :slight_smile:

I don’t know Italian laws but in Germany it is not necessary to mention a copyright. Everything is copyrighted automatically. There must be a Creative-Common-License that you can use it. But asking for permission is the save way!