Where to find free German books online?

I haven’t had any luck finding a website that has German books to read online. Any ideas? I have found some that offer children’s books. But nothing for adults. Thanks in advance!
If you’re learning Portuguese, the website “Le Livros” is a gold mine! It was a long time before I discovered it. They have all sorts of current titles for free. Super easy for me to upload into LingQ and go!

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how did you get the drm removed from the files i’ve trying to import stuff from le livros

I just opened the book I wanted and then copied and pasted. I didn’t have any luck using the ‘import book’ option on LingQ. Takes an hour or so, but its worth it to me

I don’t import books to LingQ, so I don’t know what all is needed, but I found the following explanation on the same forum where I found the link I provided, which might help speed up the process:

"As you can’t easily download them as Epub files for your [e-reader] you need an extra tool for that, e.g. this one: http://www.epub2go.eu/

"You can read the books online in your browser at https://gutenberg.spiegel.de/ . You can’t download the books so you can’t easily read them on a dedicated ebook reader (like the Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Sony reader) or tablet without internet connection. You need a service that converts the web pages to a single ebook file. EPub is a standard format that can be read by all reader hardware (natively by most, extra conversion step needed for Kindle).

You just need to paste the URL of the first chapter in the text box to the left and, click on go (the green arrow) and after a short while you can download the Epub for your reader."

Btw Bruce, you might be interested in this video: Project: Who Wants to Learn German level A1-B1 in just 24 Hours? - YouTube Best A1-B2 in German in 24 hours I’ve ever seen! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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