Where to find ebooks in Spanish

I’m a Mac user and the books I purchase through the apple book app can’t be imported into linq. Where can I purchase ebooks in Spanish that can be easily imported.

Yes, apple ibooks are impossible to crack. Amazon / Kindle has the best selection you will need to massage them a bit to remove the DRM and be able to upload to LingQ. The DRM process takes a few steps, google it for the best explanation.

On the Google play bookstore, there are bunch of Spanish e-books and some are actually available without DRM, so those would be easiest to upload – otherwise you’ll have to manipulate them to remove the DRM.

For the quickest and best results to get you started, check out the Spanish editions of Michael Connelly’s Bosch series on Google Play. I believe most of them are sold without DRM there so you can get started reading those while figure out how to get the others to work.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

You can download public-domain books in epub format from here:
You can purchase DRM-free books from here. Many of them are for free (they ask for voluntary donations) and those that are not tend to be pretty cheap:

thank you

You’re welcome. Here you are one more online bookshop offering DRM-free books:

great info thanks